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Season 2019 - 2020

At an extraordinary meeting of the GWAFL held online via Zoom on Thursday 14th May, it was voted upon and decided by all the clubs that a Points Per Game system would be put in place to decide on final league placings due to the abrupt end of season 2019/2020 caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, it meant that our Saturday First Team, managed by George Nixey were awarded the the top spot in Division 1 and were officially crowned as League Champions. Congratulations to George and his team from everyone at AFC Westend and we look forward to playing Premier Division football once again down at the club.


Congratulations to the following players that received awards for the 2018/2019 season at the Presentation Evening held at the West End Sports & Social Club in June 2019.

Reserve Team Managers Player of the Year- Liam Elliott

Reserve Team Clubman of the Year - Jonny Abbott

Reserve Team Players Player of the Year - Ian Thomas

Reserve Team Top Goalscorer of the Year - Rich Gray

Reserve Team Goal of the Season - Connor Sines

11th May 2016

AFC Westend Reserves win GWAFL Intermediate Cup Final 2-1 against Deepcut Community in last nights game played at Ash United's ground, congratulations to all the players and management team on a great win, well done lads.


Presentation Evening 2014/2015

The AFC Westend Saturday team end of season Presentation Evening for 2014/2015 took place at the clubhouse in Westend on Friday 11th June 2015. There was an excelent turn out on the night and a good time was had by all those who attended.

The trophy winners for the 2014/2015 season were as follows: Players Player - Mark Fenton - Managers Player Ricci Underhill -

Performance of the Season - Dave Bryant -

Clubman Award Mark Fenton.

Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to next season




Training Information

AFC Westend Saturday Team - Training for season 2014/2-15 will commence at 7pm on Thursday 24th July at West End Recreation Ground.

AFC Westend Sunday Players - Training for season 2014/2015 will commence at 7pm on Thursday 10th July at West End Recreation Ground.


AFC Westend - End of season 2013/2014 Presentation Night

Friday 06th June 2014 - at the clubhouse in West End from 7.00pm

Congratulations to all this seasons trophy winners

Saturday Team 2013/2014

Managers Player Alex Morgan - Players Player David Bryan

Clubman Award Mike Barbato - Performance of the Season Lee Bignell

Sunday Team 2013/2014

Managers Player Tanim Quddus - Players Player Ben Senior

Clubman Award Mark Collard - Golden Boot Award Ben Senior


"Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2014 from all the players and staff of AFC Westend Football Club"


'Where's the Talking?' A guide to the language of Sunday League football

Going quiet is forbidden in amateur football, so this set of phrases has emerged to punctuate the painful periods silence.

Adam Hurrey for Football Clichés, part of the Guardian Sport Network, Thursday 31 October 2013 11.51 GMT

Last week the Premier League, the Football Association and the government announced an injection of £102m into grassroots football over the next three years, with the aim of improving facilities and increasing participation. Discussion about grassroots football often mentions "the community" and "the next generation", and where positive developments can be made to these valuable ends. But there is a more mundane side to the lowest level of the football pyramid.

Every Sunday morning, thousands of amateur footballers battle against any combination of hangovers, dubious fitness levels and scandalous playing surfaces in a vain attempt to demonstrate that they've "still got it". While the skill levels will inevitably be lacking, one aspect of the Sunday League game is as strong as the top flight.

English football, from top to bottom, has always been characterised by its intangible, unquantifiable qualities of spirit, passion, grit, determination and, less notably, "talking".

Talking is easy. Not talking enough is generally agreed in Sunday League to be highly counter-productive. Players are urged before kick-off for "lots of talking", especially "back there". Not talking is an accusation that can only be levelled at a whole team, rather than an individual (unless it is the captain, who must shout indiscriminately for 90 minutes, for that is his job.)

To avoid this indictment, a set of largely useless phrases has emerged, which can be called upon whenever necessary to punctuate a period of relative silence. Everyone knows them, everyone understands what they are vaguely supposed to mean, and almost nobody questions them.

Clichéd as they are, many strained bellows you hear on a football pitch – "Man on!", "Out we go!", etc – are useful instructions. The following set of on-pitch rallying cries, however, deserve closer inspection:

1) "We've Gone Quiet"

Going quiet, as highlighted earlier, is the sign of a malfunctioning team. No one is talking, which means they all might as well go home. A period of notable quietness is ended only when the captain draws everyone's attention to it: "Come on lads, we've gone quiet!". It can, at the shouter's discretion, be bookended with "...haven't we?", to offer the illusion of a debate where one is really not available.

2) "Straight In"

A staple instruction that can be used only at a very specific moment – namely, the opponents kicking off the game. "Run after the ball!", this phrase demands, "Chase it when they kick it backwards!". Only the strikers need to do this, of course, and the moment quickly passes. Getting "straight in" is not a continuous requirement, but merely an opening gesture of intent, which is likely to be unfulfilled. It is often accompanied by a mindless, yet somehow entirely appropriate-feeling, clap of the hands.

3) "Two On The Edge"

When a corner is awarded, it is everyone's job to pick up their man. One eagle-eyed player has the extra task of spotting a discrepancy in this complex marking system, in that there are two unattended opponents lumbering into the penalty area.

In extreme circumstances, there may be "three on the edge" – an unthinkable catastrophe that is met with a suitably incredulous cry of "I've got three here!". The lack of concentration may be down to the defence's preoccupation with the big man, the lanky opposing centre-back/estate agent who has arrived with a look of great purpose from the back.

4) "All Day"

An utterly irritating phrase (specifically designed to be so) used by smug opponents to declare your attacking efforts as weak and unlikely to succeed, even if repeated. Often said twice in quick succession – as a speculative effort flies into neighbouring allotments – to compound the humiliation.

5) "It's Still 0-0"

Football is an overwhelmingly childish pursuit. Much of football supporting is based on schadenfreude and suffering the taunts, in return, when your own team is humbled.

To combat this threat, some employ an overly defensive stance, hoping that an audible absence of pride will pre-empt any possible fall. And so, if a Sunday League team races into an early lead, one stern-faced, armband-toting try-hard will attempt to construct a parallel universe in which the game is, in fact, goalless. The job is not done, he insists – a point he may return to when the final score is 7-4 or something similarly amateur.

6) "Box 'Em In!"

A cult classic, perhaps, which satisfies two fundamental criteria: 1) a laughable attempt at tactical insight, and 2) exclaimed almost instinctively, every single time. The ball goes out for an opposition throw-in, deep in their final third, and it is universally accepted that they do not have the adequate technical skills (or simply the upper-body strength) to play/hurl their way to safety.

7) "[Shirt Colour] Head on This!"

Possibly the most pointless one of all. For the uninitiated, this cryptic command is for your teammates to meet an imminent opposition hoof with their head before the other lot can. No accuracy is necessary but congratulations are available for heading it really, really hard, straight back where it came from. "WELL UP!" you are told, with your name declared in full if the game is particularly tense. More forward-thinking Sunday league players concern themselves with the second ball, which is often simply another header. Third balls remain an untapped, bewildering resource, possibly due to Chaos Theory.

8) "Away!"

Loosely translated as "Now look here, team-mate, I neither want nor trust you to play your way out of trouble. Please dispose of the ball as quickly and as far away as possible." Failure to do as directed leaves one open to castigation for "fucking about with it there," but this may be permitted if the player is in possession of a sufficient amount of...

9) "Time!"

The ball drops from the air and a player finds himself in acres of space. Pointing this out to him might seem a good idea. It'll calm him down, allow him to get his head up and play a pass, rather than treat the ball like an unpinned grenade.

However, when 10 other players scream "Time! Time!" in unison, it tends to have quite the opposite effect. The futility of the situation is laid bare when, after giving away possession easily, the player is offered a final, withering, retrospective observation: "You had time."

10) "Who's got tape?"

The gold-dust of amateur football, despite being available in any hardware shop. As the sole provider of ankle-securing tape, once you declare and dispense it, you will never see it again.

11) "Ref! Ref! How long?"

Usually asked by an overexcited player from the leading team, with surprising desperation. Whatever the answer, the player will always add about 10% on before relaying the revised figure to his teammates.

12) "Watch the short!"

It is considered a cardinal sin to let an opposing Sunday League team pass a goal-kick out to a full-back. Precisely what sort of devastating attack an average Sunday League team are expected to be capable of, deep in their own half, with the ball at the feet of traditionally the least capable player in their ranks, is anyone's guess.

Amateur-level goal-kicks, thumped aimlessly as far down the pitch as possible, often aren't a job for the goalkeeper. As the designated goal-kick taker for their sides, many Sunday league centre-halves can confirm that fetching a distant match ball in preparation for this moment is one of the more soul-destroying aspects of life at around 11am on every Sunday between September and May.

13) "One of you!"

When a Sunday League midfield is so often instructed to "get a [insert team's shirt colour] head on this", you often witness an unsightly clash of [insert team's shirt colour]-clad bodies as they simultaneously attempt to perform their primary duty. It is left to a team-mate to helpfully point out that only one of them was required on the scene.

14) "Don't let it bounce!"

A rare example of a phenomenon that afflicts a Premier League side just as much as it does your Sunday morning rabble. Letting the ball bounce, especially "back there", is traditionally asking for trouble.

15) "Where Was The Shout?"

The ultimate act of Sunday league buck-passing. A player is unceremoniously dispossessed from behind, to howls of derision from his teammates. Accompanied by a despairing flap of the arms, the player begs of his colleagues: "Where was the shout?!" There wasn't one. Because they've gone quiet, haven't they?

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AFCWE Presentation Night

Friday 28th June at the clubhouse in Westend from 7pm.

The FA Charter Standard Club Program

In recognition of their achievements, AFC Westend were awarded with the prestigious status of official FA Charter Standard Club for Adults.

New Players Season 2013/2014

If any budding new players would like to join us for next season then why not come down and join us for training which will start in mid June. Watch this space for further news.

Teck Cup Semi Final Saturday 02nd March 2013

The Semi Final of the Senior Teck Cup will take place on Saturday 02nd March 2013, AFC Westend have been drawn away to Premier side Wandle AFC. The match will be played at Wandle's ground at Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields, Roehampton Vale, London SW15 3PQ. Kick off time 2.00pm. Result of semi final game Lost 3 - 1

Teck Cup Result 12.1.13

Congratulations to AFC Westend Saturday side who today reached the semi-final of the Kinsgton & District Football League Teck Senior Cup by beating Esher United 1 - 0 with the goal coming from Scott O'Halleran right on the stroke of half time.

Saturday and Sunday teams training update 2013

Training for the Saturday side will resume on Thursday 03rd January at the club at 7.00pm, the Sunday side will resume training on Thursday 10th January. KH 021030pm


Saturday & Sunday Teams Training Update 18.9.12

20th Sept Sunday Team - This week Arrive 7pm. (No Saturday team)
27th Sept Arrive 7.45. (Sunday will follow the Saturday teams session)
4th Oct Arrive 7.45 (Sunday will follow the Saturday team session)
11 Oct Arrive 6.30 (we will finish with the lights at 8.15 and the Saturday team follow on)
18 Oct Arrive 6.30 (we will finish with the lights at 8.15 and the Saturday team follow on).
25th Oct Arrive 7.45 (Sunday will follow the Saturday team session)
1st Nov Arrive 7.45 (Sunday will follow the Saturday team session)
8th Nov Arrive 6.30 (we will finish with the lights at 8.15 and the Saturday team follow on)
15th Nov Arrive 6.30 (we will finish with the lights at 8.15 and the Saturday team follow on)
22nd Nov Arrive 7.45 (Sunday will follow the Saturday team session)
29th Nov Arrive 7.45 (Sunday will follow the Saturday team session)

Pre - Season Training Saturday and Sunday Teams

For your info, pre-season training for the Saturday team will start on Thursday 12th July at West End Recreation Ground at 7.00pm, The Sunday team will commence training on Thursday 19th July at the club in Westend at 7.15pm, can all players please make a note of these dates in your diaries as missing training sessions is not an option if you want to be considered for selection for the new season. Posted Tuesday 03rd July 2012

AFC Westend (Sunday)

Unfortunately, the final result went against Westend yesterday when their closest rivals AFC Surrey beat Revs by 4 - 2 to secure top spot and win the league by a 2 point margin. Despite this setback, it will still mean that after a really great season Westend will be promoted to Division 2 as league runners up for next season 2012/2013. Congratulations to all the players, and the Management Team of Kevin Finnerty, Alex Cooper and Amirah Rahman.

Annual Presentation Evening

The clubs annual end of season Presentation Evening will be held at the W E S & S C on Friday 15th June 2012 with the proceedings starting at 7.30pm to coincide with the England v Sweden Euro fixture that kicks off at 7.45pm.


AFC Westend (Sunday) lose tense Intermediate Cup Final by 2 - 0 against arch rivals AFC Surrey. A memorable occasion was enjoyed by all the players and spectators alike, but unfortunately, the end result wasn't mirrored in our past performances on the night. The club are still waiting for the final league game between AFC Surrey and Revs F C which will decide our fate one way or the other as to whether Westend or Surrey win the title.


AFC Westend (Sunday) will be playing in the Intermediate Challenge Cup Final on Friday 04th May 2012 - Kick off at 7.30pm at Leatherhead Football Club.

It would be really great to see as many supporters, club officials, ex players, wags and families at the game so please come along and give the lads your support on this great occasion and hopefully we can bring the cup back to Westend. There is a covered area at the ground so need to worry about getting wet and there is also a licensed bar in case the excitement of the evening gets to you and you need a drink to calm you down!!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the game and afterwards in the bar, your support will be most welcome. Regards Keith Secretary AFCWE

Club Training

Club training will now take place at Walton XCEL Leisure Centre on Thursday evenings from 9pm - 10pm for both Saturday and Sunday sides starting from Thursday 27th October until further notice, can players please make every effort to attend these sessions.

AFC Westend Vets 2011/2012 - Update 14.10.2011

AFC Westend Vets kicked off their season of friendly games on Saturday 24th September resulting in a 1-0 loss. On Sunday 02nd October AFC Westend will play against Crusader Vets FC in a home fixture at Westend and the kick off will be at 1.00pm. Please come along and support the lads and have a beer or two after the game in the clubhouse. Sunday 02nd October Westend Vets lose second game by 5-1. See new page for details and contacts.

Presentation Evening Friday 17th June 2011

The annual football club presentation evening was held at the clubhouse in Westend on Friday evening 17th June 2011. The evening was well supported by players, family members and Wag's who all made the evening a resounding success. The players awards were presented by club Chairman Eric Strange and Team Managers Tony Searle and Alex Cooper. The awards for 2010/2011 went to Saturday team players, Alex Morgan, Joe Luxford, Ricci Underhill and Micky Kent, the Sunday team players awards went to James Cherry, Grahame Carlisle, Joe Bassett and Tom Cherry. Congratulations to all the winners.

Kingston & District Football League - Secretary's Award 2010/2011

AFC Westend Secretary Keith Harris was presented with the Kingston & Distric Football League Secretary's Award for 2010/2011 at the league's annual presentation night which took place at the Hotel Antoinette in Kingston on Friday evening 27th May 2011. Keith said after receiving the trophy, that, although this award was specifically in his name a huge amount of thanks must also go to his Assistant Secretary Dave Morgan who has given such excellent support throughout the season and that quite rightly he must certainly take some of the credit for us winning this accolade.


News Update - Champion Soccer Sixes 18 May 2011 - League Champions

AFC Westend (Saturday) under Manager Tony Searle were crowned league champions of division 3 in the Champion Soccer six-a-side football league after securing the title with a convincing 3-1 win. The team played a total of 14 games which resulted in 11 wins and 3 defeats. Westend scored 45 goals with only 9 goals scored against and the team were presented with the trophy immediately after the last game at Elmbridge Leisure Centre. P14 - W11 - D0 - L3 - F45 - A9 - GD+36 - PTS33

Update - London Marathon - Monday 18th April 2011

Congratulations to Sunday team player Nick Pegler who completed the London Marathon in an excellent time of 4hrs 15mins 46seconds, Nick was delighted with the run and with the time that he took to complete the course. So far, Nick has already raised in excess of £2000.00 but is still seeking further donations to enhance this figure. So, if you would like to donate some further cash you can still find the donation form on the notice board at the club or you can donate on line on the website at Photos taken of Nick on the day will soon be appearing on our gallery pages, so please watch out for them.

London Marathon 17th April 2011

AFC Westend Sunday player Nick Pegler will be running the London Marathon this year on Sunday 17th April. Nick will be trying to raise as much money as possible in aid of Pricess Alice Hospice in Esher and in loving memory of one of the former Westend players Richard (Dickie) Ayley who sadly passed away last year after battling against a long illness. Richard spent the last days of his life being cared for by the wonderful Princes Alice staff.

Can you please support Nick in this worthy cause and donate as much cash as you possibly can? There is a donation form on the noticeboard at the club in Westend or you can donate online at

Latest News Update - Hot Off The Press

The club are pleased to announce that there will now be an AFC West End Youth Section for the forthcoming season 2010/2011 after discussions took place between the Management teams of AFC Westend Football Club and the former Walton & Hersham Juniors Football Club. This will entail between 10 and 12 junior teams joining us from as young as 8/9 year olds up to the age of 17/18 year olds. Club Secretary Keith Harris stated that this is a major coup for the club and said that this now puts us on the map as a real contender to be one of the most up and coming clubs in the area. The new youth section will run in tandem with the already established Saturday and Sunday Senior league sides.

Live Football/Rugby/Cricket

Why not come and watch all the big games in comfort at the West End Sports & Social Club on the state of the art widescreen TV and SOUND system.

Football Thoughts

Football’s a game of two halves!

Football’s a funny old game!

They think it’s all over, Well it is now!!

Three Lions on my shirt!

New Website

Welcome to the club’s new website! If you have any comments or suggestions for extra material, please contact Keith.

Want to Play?

Are you interested in playing Saturday football, or would you just like to do some serious training?

We are interested in players of a good standard and ability to join our sides for the 2015/2016 season, so if you fancy playing, or if you just want to train with us you will be most welcome.

We welcome membership from all sections of the community.

Contact Keith.

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