Monday, May 27, 2024 @ 11:42 pm
London, UK


AFC West End Youth

The club are pleased to announce that there will now be an AFC West End Youth Section for the forthcoming season 2010/2011 after discussions took place between the Management teams of AFC Westend Football Club and the former Walton & Hersham Juniors Football Club.

This will entail between 10 and 12 junior teams joining us from as young as 8/9 year olds up to the age of 17/18 year olds.

Club Secretary Keith Harris stated that this is a major coup for the club and said that this now puts us on the map as a real contender to be one of the most up and coming clubs in the area. The new youth section will run in tandem with the already established Saturday and Sunday Senior league sides.

Visit AFC Westend Youth website for more information.